Tablet Sales Slowdown Comes Sooner Than Expected

Tablet Sales Slowdown Comes Sooner Than Expected Tablets can't easily replace PCs when it comes to crunching a lot of numbers, writing long reports, or making presentations. Jean-Louis Gassée, an Apple executive during the 1980s, says he's frustrated by the limitations of the iPad, which doesn't have … Acer is pumping out new tablet announcements […]

What Is Relativity? New Book Offers Simple Explanation

What Is Relativity? New Book Offers Simple Explanation

What Is Relativity? New Book Offers Simple Explanation On the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity, Bennett's book seeks to explain both special and general relativity in a form that a nonexpert could understand. [Book Excerpt: "What is Relativity"]. "There are a lot of good … Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc. , […]

Velocity 'Space Class' has arrived 0:38

Velocity 'Space Class' has arrived 0:38 As Virgin Galactic counts down to take-off, with its first flight set to take place by the end of the year, it's saving a seat on one of its first space flights for one Virgin Australia passenger. Being billed as “the ultimate upgrade”, the space … The future of […]

Novel 3D Printer Turns Wool into Fabric Objects

Novel 3D Printer Turns Wool into Fabric Objects Soft and cuddly aren't words used to describe the plastic or metal things typically produced by today's 3D printers. But a new type of printer developed by Carnegie Mellon University and Disney Research Pittsburgh can turn wool and wool blend yarns … Kickstarter continues its hot streak […]

From the Editor

From the Editor No idea is too sci-fi anymore—there are people right now tackling everything from raising extinct animals from the dead to teleportation to tribbles. In this issue, we peer into the future that is being constructed for us. We've chosen a fearless … Thirty-nine percent of U.S. adults believe scientists will make teleportation […]

<b>3D</b> Series Coming This Summer!

3D Series Coming This Summer!

3D Series Coming This Summer! Today I got a chance to chat with Andrew Murchie and ask him a few questions about the wildly hilarious 3D web series being launched later this year. Andrew is based in Edinburgh UK and runs Enhanced Dimensions a Stereo 3D Animator and Filmmaker. Dutch company Dimenco has launched a […]

Wish to Travel In order to Outer Area ? The particular Urgency System Is Allowing for

Want To Journey To External Space ? The Emergency Network Will be Making It Possible For … The particular Urgency System is a Mis Angeles-based startup company that companions with nonprofits to offer once a lifetime experiences as a means of getting increased presence to interpersonal and environment causes that require support. The 2 founders, […]

The best way to gain quick access to your iPhone' s most significant mail

How to obtain easy access for your iPhone' t most important email Can there be a way to create an kryptonym of a mail box on our iPhone and set it for the home display so I may access that will mailbox easier? I occasionally need to seem back on email I' ve delivered and […]

" Jem as well as the Holograms " Throw " Fairly Little Liars" and " Nashville" Stars–Get

" Jem and the Holograms " Cast " Pretty Small Liars" plus " Nashville" Stars–Get … In the mean time, Disney superstar Stefanie Scott will play Jem' s cousin Kimber, " Pretty Small Liars' " Aurora Perrineau was enjoy the Holograms' Shana, plus " The particular Fosters' " Hayley Kiyoko has joined up with the […]

Equities Close to Liberating their Income — Study on Fb, Zynga

Equities Near to Releasing their particular Earnings — Research upon Facebook, Myspace … Sign up these days to read free of charge research upon FB on: Myspace Inc. may announce the first-quarter FY 2014 profits on Wed, April twenty three, 2014, following the closing bell. The company' s Q1 FY 2013 net earnings … Mark […]