How To Make Advanced Front Side Tricks?

By , June 4, 2016

To make frontside tricks in surfing scarier, you put off psychological factors while being at high speed, come down the line after the trick is complete. Complete the trick without injury. Remember that you should focus on the weight of your body while keeping your momentum along.


Reach for frontside waves for frontside carving 360, frontside snap or frontside bottom turn. Focus on wave selection based on probable variations requiring steeper pockets, slight walls, or flats per trick.


Frontside Carving 360

Frontside carving 360 puts the complete body in to action. Waves with steep pocket formation to carve in to (or) those waves with a steep peak without a lot of wall down in the line are ideal for this trick. You should have a lot of speed for this move to look good. Squishy waves are not ideal for this trick.


Jump in to the wave from behind the peak. Enter in to the bottom of the wave with a keen focus on where the lip of the wave you are using might come down. Get low down and begin a bottom turn. In complete speed, lean hard into the rail and up the wave on your rail. While up on the top of the wave, your board should be past vertical continuing to be turning on rail, the force of the wave will push your board back to the bottom of the wave, and it will aid you achieving the spin until you are straight up again. Continue leaning on to the rail


Frontside Snap Trick

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Frontside snap trick is all about a quick directional change. This is suitable for all skill levels. Specifically, for those trying to hit air action that warrants quick directional change. This trick works in waves of all types and sizes. The frontside wave should have a little bit of a wall outside the wave pocket though. If the wall is too flat, you might have to consider doing a frontside cutback as opposed to a snap.


Start the snap getting in to the top half of the wave. Turn your shoulders to the direction you prefer to snap. Get in to the bottom turn where you will do something like a cutback in the beginning of the turn. The sooner you get in to the start of cutting back push hard on your back leg, keep the buckets off the back leg. With extended back legs and weight focused on front foot, stay low and solid on your board. Focus on the wave shape, nose, and toe-side rail of your board. Complete your snap and begin your bottom turn. Maintain the momentum and try another snap. In cases where the fins release, get a feel for the drive direction going out of the tail and begin moving down the wave again.


Frontside Bottom Turn

Frontside Bottom Turn trick is necessary to improve overall surfing skills and experience.


Catch up with a frontside wave, and with all the speed you gather, enter in to the flats and make sure that your feet are above the waters while you are performing the bottom turn. Bend your knees, exert pressure on the back of your foot and continue with the speed up in the wave.


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