Google and Cloud Technology

By , April 11, 2016

Google is one of the most famous and largest multinational corporations in the world. The company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were doing their PhD at Stanford University. They came up with this technology as their Final Year Project, the main difference between this search engine and other search engines is that it worked on the principal of that analyzed the relationship between the websites before showing the results to the user, while in the other search engine the results were ranked by counting the number of times the search terms appeared on the page. For this different technique they needed a different technology, named Cloud technology, which is used by the Google in their every application they launch and internet browsing and surfing. Google has been pushing the boundaries of the cloud technology for more than ten years in a row and today they have developed the system so much that they can gather feedbacks from the people and their different reviews about certain things, and later on by using these review and features named by people Google make a new application to fulfill the need of the people.

It is this system that has made Google as one of the fastest productive company in the world, as by using the cloud technology they can easily and quickly gather the reviews or feedbacks from people about their devices and can distributes updates efficiently and quickly in a short period of time, as in this technology the data isn’t limited to one specific PC or hard drive, it is all stored online in huge databases build specifically for this purpose. The technology also help the Google to spread its new application instantly to the users, as if a new application is launched and the user refreshes the browser then that application is automatically installed on to the browser and a person does not have to struggle for it. Another thing that is seen is that the Google network is one of the most updated network, that is, if something happens somewhere in the world then that is instantly available on the internet on the search engine. The reason for that is, that the Google employee can be useful and work from anywhere in the world due to the cloud technology, hence if something happens then the Google employee in that area would instantly access the information network present in the database and enter this new information as well, hence allowing the people to view it immediately.

It is seen that most of the internet sites that work on traditional system are often shut down for some repair work or due to some loss of the data that they had on their hard drive and used it to run the site, however, with Google there is no such problem, as no data is stored on such venerable devices, hence there is no loss of data corruption or data loss, so Google is up and running 24/7. There are various other reasons that shows that why Google chose this cloud technology and is still using it and this article just mentioned a few of them.


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